Thinking about a New Lincoln? Consider Leasing Opportunities

The time has come to pick a new car. You have your eye on a new model like the Lincoln Continental or Lincoln MKC. Before you jump to a purchase decision, we recommend thinking about a new Lincoln lease. The benefits are substantial:

Simplicity: A lease allows you to drive a refined new Lincoln model without the long-term commitment of an auto loan. Lower down payments and monthly payments help drivers get into new Lincoln models more easily. Plus, plentiful incentives and offers mean you could find enhanced lease terms for your preferred model.

Warranty Coverage: Leased models are covered by the Lincoln new-model warranty. This means that for the duration of your lease, you'll be able to drive with full confidence in your vehicle's durability and performance.

More Frequent Upgrades: Lease agreements with Lincoln last two to three years. When the lease is over, you can easily move to a newer model with little hassle. Plus, you can choose to purchase your leased vehicle if you have fallen in love with it by the end of the lease.

Skip Trade-In Negotiations: When your lease is over and it's time to choose a new car, don't stress about working out a trade-in deal. Just turn in your vehicle and pick out a new one to lease.

Call or visit our finance department to find out more about Lincoln lease opportunities.

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