Sometimes one of the largest SUVs available still isn't enough room for your precious cargo. You need more room for your crew, but you still want luxury to show off your style. Perhaps your family doesn't fit the two and a half kid, white picket fence mold. Maybe you need something to haul the youth group to their weekend activities. You can find everything you need in the luxurious Lincoln Navigator. But when they want to stretch their legs you need to look into the 2019 Lincoln Navigator L at South Hills Lincoln in Pittsburgh.

The Navigator L seats seven passengers, like its sibling Navigator. However, it is more than 14 inches longer than the original Navigator and sports a 12-inch longer wheelbase. Your passengers benefit from that distance, both in legroom and cargo space. There is 73.3 inches of space between the second and third rows of the Navigator L. Compare that to the spacious 57.5 inches in between the rows on the traditional Navigator. Even your tallest passengers will benefit from the added leg room.

Passenger space is nice. But what if you need to carry larger items? The added cargo space of the comes in handy when you need to haul items like lumber, tent poles, equipment for your band or whatever long items are out there you would need to transport. So much more cargo space do you actually get? Try out 34.3 cubic feet of cargo storage. Once you lay down the second and third rows, you get a cavernous 120.2 cubic feet of storage. You'll actually run out of things to store, before you fill up that amount of room.

We know not every SUV is equipped to carry everything you need to haul around Pittsburgh. That is where the Lincoln Navigator L steps in to carry the load. But you'll have to find it at South Hills Lincoln in Pittsburgh to truly understand how useful this behemoth can be for you and your organization. Don't cram the whole team into your tiny SUV. Fit everyone and everything they own in the Lincoln Navigator L.

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