Sometimes, driving around Pittsburgh is no easy feat. Especially when driving is your job. You need to get the most out of your car, without sacrificing the style that makes you, you. There is no arguing the luxury that comes in the form of the Lincoln MKZ. But what if you can get everything that is exquisite about the MKZ in an affordable, fuel-efficient package? That is exactly what you get from the MKZ Hybrid at South Hills Lincoln in Pittsburgh.

The MKZ hybrid comes with every single outstanding feature you will find on the MKZ. It comes with an efficient 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor paired with an eight-speed CVT automatic and front-wheel drive. That motor gives you a thrilling 188 horsepower.

The best part about the Hybrid, of course, is the incredible fuel efficiency. The EPA estimates the MKZ Hybrid earns 42 miles per gallon when travelling around the streets of Pittsburgh and 39 mpg when cruising down the highways. This rating makes the exhilarating MKZ Hybrid a great option for drivers working for ride-share companies. The last thing you want to do before a fare is stop to fill up on your way to the next ride.

Choosing an MKZ Hybrid still provides you with all the features you expect to find in a Lincoln. The SYNC 3 infotainment system still provides you tech-savvy features, like navigation, smartphone integration and a boisterous 11-speaker audio system. The cabin is lined with leatherette upholstery or leather seats and power-adjustable features scattered throughout. The biggest difference you'll find, in regards to the Hybrid version of the MKZ is a smaller cargo space. With non-hybrid MKZ you will find 15.4 cubic feet of storage in the trunk. Based on the lithium-ion battery placement in the MKZ Hybrid, that space is limited to 11.1 cubic feet. Naturally, you'll find even more space when you fold down the 6-/40-split rear seats.

Celebrate the luxury of a Lincoln and revel in the efficiency of the MKZ Hybrid. All the same features for the same sticker price, but you'll be saving money over the long haul on fuel charges. Visit South Hills Lincoln in Pittsburgh and discover how the MKZ Hybrid can change your driving habits.

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