Become a Lincoln Black Label Member in Pittsburgh

If you're a driver living in Pittsburgh or Cannonsburg and you are looking to upgrade your Lincoln experience to the elegant membership features the Lincoln Black Label provides their drivers, you will absolutely love the opportunity to indulge in the privileges that are presented to you.  See what the Lincoln Black Label has to offer drivers who seek the pleasures of fine art, dining, as well as complimentary car services.

Become a Part of the Lincoln Black Label Community

Enjoy the personable experience when you sign up for the Lincoln Black Label membership. Have a peronal Lincoln Liason assist you in any vehicle matter you may need throughout your Lincoln ownership. Relish in the option for the pickup and delivery of your vehicle when it comes time for servicing and maintenance and rest assured that you'll never be without means of transportation with the offer of a temporary vehicle while your Lincoln is being repaired or serviced.

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Experience the Lincoln Black Label Difference in Pittsburgh

When you want the premium luxury experience in your next SUV, South Hills Lincoln would like to introduce you to the Lincoln Black Label lineup of vehicles. Not only will you get a premium set of features and options that don't feature elsewhere in the new Lincoln lineup, but your ownership of a Lincoln Black Label will come with owner perks that go beyond simply service and maintenance. Visit us in Pittsburgh to find your new Lincoln Black Label luxury SUV and learn more about the perks that come with taking home these premium models.

Join the Lincoln Black Label Community

When you become a Lincoln Black Label Member, you'll enjoy your own personal Lincoln Liaison that will help you with every phase of your ownership experience. You'll have a singular point of contact for scheduling service appointments, including both pickup and delivery options to make maintaining your Lincoln SUV more convenient than ever. You'll also enjoy discounts on theater and sports tickets, art shows and museums, and dozens of other attractions both near Pittsburgh and throughout the country. You can even enjoy savings on travel like hotels and flights as a part of your Black Label membership.

Unique Styling Options

Your Lincoln Black Label SUV can be truly unique thanks to several interior themes that you won't find available in the greater Lincoln SUV lineup. For example, Chalet gives you a variety of warm tones inside and a cool, light exterior color that invokes the feeling of being inside your weekend ski cabin. Flight uses dark exterior colors paired with bright chrome accents that hearken back to the early days of air travel. With Destination, diamond-patterned leather upholstery and Khaya Mahogany accents offer an upscale vibe with a touch of warmth that will make you feel like you're in the most exclusive lounge in town. And with Yacht Club, a unique Coastal Blue leather pairs with whitewashed Teak wood inlays to give your Lincoln Navigator a sense of nautical luxury.

Lincoln Owner Rewards

Did we mention that your Lincoln Black Label purchase comes with benefits? Here are some specifics, starting with the Remote New Vehicle Delivery that will see your new Lincoln Black Label SUV delivered directly to your home, so you can save a trip to the dealership. You'll also enjoy added perks such as:

  • A one-year subscription to Calm, the mental health and meditation app
  • Complimentary car wash, anytime
  • Four years or 50,000 miles of premium maintenance coverage
  • Maintenance pickup and delivery for four years or up to 50,000 miles
  • Avis President's Club Membership
  • 70,000 Lincoln Access Rewards points

Experience Our Lincoln Black Label Mobile Showroom

Before you ever pay our dealership a visit, a Lincoln Black Label Mobile Showroom can come to you, so you can customize your new Lincoln to your exact specifications. We'll show you the models, available finishes, materials, and features, and let you create the ideal luxury SUV for your Pittsburgh lifestyle. And once you've decided, we'll have your vehicle scheduled for delivery directly to you, so you never have to pay us a visit.

Lincoln Black Label Models

Which models are up for the Lincoln Black Label treatment? Both the mid-size Lincoln Nautilus and Lincoln Aviator are included, giving you spacious and versatile drives with a little something extra. And of course, the flagship Lincoln Navigator offers the best-of-the-best to take your luxurious driving experience to new heights.

Let South Hills Lincoln show you a better way to buy your next luxury SUV with our Lincoln Black Label program today!