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How Does the Lincoln MKX Compare to the BMW X3?

New 2018 Lincoln MKX CanonsburgNew 2018 BMW X3 Canonsburg

Here at South Hills Lincoln, Inc., our team prides itself on providing drivers with luxury vehicles that stand out on the road in bold, modern ways. Many of our drivers are in need of a luxury vehicle that that provides them with the interior space, the performance capabilities, and the cutting-edge features you need to be successful on the road. With the Lincoln MKX you get these benefits plus so much more.

What makes the Lincoln MKX such a great vehicle, for drivers throughout Canonsburg and Coraopolis, though? And what makes it a better investment opportunity than other vehicles, like the BMW X3?

The Lincoln MKX vs. A New BMW X3

There are a couple of distinct differences between these two vehicles that are important to consider.

  • When it comes to pricing, the 2018 Lincoln MKX is a much better investment opportunity thanks to its lower starting price ($39,035 vs. $42,650).

  • While these vehicles are evenly matched when it comes to fuel efficiency, the Lincoln MKX offers you more horsepower and torque (303, 278 vs. 248, 258, respectively) than the BMW X3.
  • With the Lincoln MKX you can get a better powertrain warranty (72 months, 70,000 miles) than you get with BMW X3 (48 months, 50,000 miles).

As you can see there are some clear benefits to investing in the Lincoln MKX, both in terms of its starting price and its performance capabilities.

Ready to Learn More?

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