See How the New Lincoln Nautilus Surpasses the Lexus RX in Pittsburgh, PA

Most midsize luxury SUVs have plush cabins with tons of features, but some are roomier and more powerful than others. Pittsburgh drivers who want an SUV with quick acceleration for daily errands will like the new Lincoln Nautilus's available V6 engine. It also has an attractive interior with ample cargo space. The new Lexus RX also has an upscale cabin and a gentle ride. But when you examine both SUVs more closely, South Hills Lincoln thinks you'll agree that the Nautilus has more to offer.

Compare the New Lincoln Nautilus with the New Lexus RX

  1. The Lincoln Nautilus Has More Available Horsepower: The Lexus RX comes with a strong 295-horsepower V6 engine. But that's the only motor available in the RX. The Lincoln Nautilus' base engine only produces 250 horsepower. However, people in Pittsburgh will appreciate that the Nautilus also offers a 335-horsepower twin-turbocharged motor with plenty of pep for daily driving.
  3. The Lincoln Nautilus Has More Cargo Space: One of the great things about a midsize SUV is all the space you have for your road trip essentials. The Lexus RX has a relatively small cargo hold, with just over 56 cubic feet of total cargo room. Pittsburgh drivers who often bring camping supplies or luggage on the road will like that the Nautilus has more than 68 cubic feet of cargo space when the rear seats are folded.
  5. The Lincoln Nautilus Is Quieter Inside: People in Pittsburgh who want some peace and quiet on their travels will love the Lincoln Nautilus. It comes with acoustic laminate glass and active noise control for a serene driving experience. The Lexus RX doesn't offer active noise control.

Test Drive the New Lincoln Nautilus at South Hills Lincoln

The new Lincoln Nautilus is smooth and placid, with a powerful engine and abundant cargo space. Pittsburgh drivers can pick from a full line of Nautilus models at South Hills Lincoln. Visit our dealership and test drive one today.