Find a Great Selection of New Tires in Pittsburgh, PA

Your Lincoln came with a high-quality ride and premium handling that were a large part of your great first impression. However, your tires hold a critical role in maintaining that comfort as well as safety and handling characteristics that make your Lincoln the high-end luxury car you know and love. So if your Lincoln isn't responding the way you're used to, or it feels like a rougher, less comfortable ride than normal, have your tires inspected and replaced at South Hills Lincoln service center in Pittsburgh, PA.

Why Tires are Important

While you may not think it, the upkeep of your tires and wheels in general is one of the most important part of owning a vehicle. Tires are where your car meet the road. Their health and upkeep affects nearly every other part of your vehicle's performance, from handling corners and absorbing rough road conditions to drivability to fuel efficiency. When your tires start to go, it's something that can affect your car in such a way that you might think something else is wrong. For these reasons, it is recommended you always keep your tires in good shape, and buying new tires is one of the best ways to do this. Buying quality tires will ensure that you have the assurance you need that your car is driving the best it can. Faulty tires are a leading cause of accidents and poor fuel efficiency, as well as back pain after long drives. The vibration of bad tires on your vehicle can cause fatigue and pain after a long day behind the wheel - certainly not something you would expect from your luxurious Lincoln model. If you always want your vehicle to feel as good as it did the day you drove it off the lot, then pay us a visit and let us see if your tires are in need of some attention.

Our Vast Selection of New Tires in Pittsburgh, PA

Acquiring new tires from your Lincoln dealership is an incredibly simple process. Depending on the season, simply call our Lincoln Service center and let us know what vehicle or tire size you're looking for. From there, set up your date and time and we'll be ready with the tires you need to drive with confidence.

Snow Tires Are Available!

It is recommended that in cold weather where the roads are more treacherous that you invest in snow tires. There are two main types of snow tires - studded and un-studded. Studded snow tires have metal embedded in the rubber in order to more easily puncture snow and ice, which in turn gives your car more grip on the pavement. Non-studded tires use special tread patterns to give you additional ice grip, and you can run beyond the April 15th restriction on studded tires.

Summer and All-Season Tires

When the snow finally stops flying, it's time to replace those snow tires with a set of summer or all-season rubber. These tires use harder compounds that can stand up to the warmer pavement better than winter tires, and they use special treads that push away water for better traction in the rain.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

No matter the weather, it's important that you're keeping your Lincoln's tires in shape. Bald tires are a hazard no matter how sunny it is, so make sure you're always on top of how well your tires are performing - the dealership will make that process easy for you. Just schedule your appointment today!